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Auto body or collision shops do not want to be without our max1 glue. The Adhesive resists extreme temperatures high or low, it is super strong against impact, shock or vibrations and always dries clear without clamping the area. Max1 glue combines reliable and fast bonding with enormous resilience and long lasting holding time. Easy to handle and cost effective to fix any breaks in the car industry, such as ABS plastic repairs around the dashboard, mufflers, radiators, windshield wiper fluid tanks and alike.

Particularly our max1 titanium epoxy is always in high demand for its extremely high heat resistance and tolerance against any fluids such as Diesel, Gasoline or Transmission Fluid. Wether in production, development or shop let us advise you without obligations and free of charge by our professional competent employees and let us convince you of the simplicity and effectiveness of the max1 glue products.

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