Using max1 fabric adhesive

Using your finger (for large areas) or the applicator top (for difficult areas) apply a thin layer of max1 fabric adhesive to cloth surface (clean and dry) which are to be assembled or repaired, press together and leave to dry for a few minutes.  For fabric tears, cut out a piece of fabric the same size as the tear.  Position the piece of fabric on the tear on the reverse of the garment and mark its location with a pencil.  Remove it, apply some max1 fabric adhesive onto clean and smooth work surface.  Use your fingers to coat both surfaces to be glued together and apply the pieces of fabric to the marked cut.  Press on and leave to dry. Max1 fabric adhesive can be removed easily from your fingers and any smooth and non-porous surface.

NOTE: Apply the adhesive using your finger to spread it evenly to avoid excess us which might pass through the fabric and stain it.  For delicate fabrics using a piece of foam, dab on one side only so that the adhesive does not go through to the visible side of the fabric.


Max1 fabric adhesive…

  • Can easily and quickly glue all fabric types
  • Remains flexible at any temperature
  • Can be washed and ironed
  • Colorless and long lasting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to cold and heat and sunlight

Practical Ideas for Use

Repairing worn trouser cuffs, pockets, jackets and sleeves – Apply a little max1 fabric adhesive to the worn edge, smooth gently with your finger.

Protecting Buttons – To prevent button thread unraveling, put a drop of max1 fabric adhesive on it.

Repairing Leather – Repairing a tear, apply max1 fabric adhesive to both surfaces between the torn pieces of leather. Press the torn pieces together; rub gently to remove any excess glue. It will adhere to the leather fibers without spoiling the surface.

Tights – To prevent a small hole from getting bigger, apply a tiny drop of max1 fabric adhesive.

Seat and Sofas – Insert a piece of fabric across the tear and use the applicator top to apply max1 fabric adhesive and coat the fabric which will then be glued to the reverse of material.

Prevention – Protect your children’s jeans from wearing at the knees by applying max1 fabric adhesive to the fabric. Ideal for attaching badges, name tags or tapes, motifs to children’s clothing or knapsacks or backpacks / max1 fabric adhesive is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Keep away from children, do not swallow and store at room temperatur