the ideal marine companion

water resistent, fast adhesive, surface independent

For yacht and boat construction and repairs, max1 glue offers you a professional and reliable line of products. Our moisture-curing adhesives gives you a superior adhesion to most common construction materials. It is waterproof and particularly resistant to saltwater, Diesel or any other chemicals around a boat .

Max1 glue products are suitable for interior or exterior projects it is heat resistant, paintable and cures even in extreme cold temperatures. Our Adhesive resists impact, shock and vibrations, dries clear without clamping within a few minutes.

Our customers in the boat building Industry are recommending our products to their customers for years. It is a most have for all boat owners, Boat builders or any type of watersports enthusiasts, because let’s face it, things break while you are out on the water.

We are present at the largest boat shows and have a huge customer base all over the country since 1995. With our max1 primer you are to glue the most difficult plastics (PE, PP, Silicon, Starboard etc.).

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