Using max1 primer-polyolefine


  1. Insure parts to be bonded are clean and free from grease and clamped together.
  2. Apply max1 polyolefin-primer with a brush over the whole surface of the polyolefin-parts.
  3. Apply just one coat Primer. The treated surface must dry (15-60 seconds). Close primer-bottle tight after use.
  4. Keep the glue bottle vertical, screw-off the cap.
  5. Apply one drop glue on the non polyolefin-primer part. Avoid contact with the fingers or cloth.
  6. Combine parts immediately.
  7. Hold parts together for minimum 15 seconds. It is user obligation to find the right time.
  8. Clean nozzle before putting cap back. Tap bottle bottom easy on a flat surface, to empty the nozzle clean bottle from glue.
  9. If bonding two Polyolefin-Parts apply max1 polyolefin-primer on both surfaces. Let dry for 15-160 seconds. Then apply one drop glue on the surface and combine immediately. Take care on correct fitting.

Hints for Use

  • The best results you receive, when parts bonded in one hour after applying the primer. Do not put a second coat of max1 polyolefin-primer within 8 hours.
  • The primer woks as an activator to quick the hardening time of max1 glue. After connecting it takes 30 seconds to solidify. For maximum strength wait 24 hours at a temperature of 72° F.
  • Max1 polyolefin-primer for use under UV-light can be applied with UV-lamp.
  • Max1 polyolefin-primer is recommend for use max1 glue.Do not use primer for material, which can be glued just by max1 glue alone.
  • Do not touch parts that are treated with primer with the glue bottle nozzle.
  • Max1 polyolefin-primer can be applied with a brush. Do not use to much primer or the adhesive will be low.


If max1 polyolefin-primer reaches your eyes thorough flush with water, keep eyelids open and see your doctor. Splashes on your skin flush with water and wash with soap and water. By repeated contact of parts, which were treated with the product wash hands with water and soap. If swallowing the Primer flush mouth with water, drink a lot of water and consult your doctor.

Max1 polyolefin-primer is easy flammable. Keep primer in a well ventilated area. Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Do not dispose of primer into drainage. Take steps to prevent electric-static charge. Keep out of reach of children.


No responsibility for personal injury or damage to property (material damage) which directly or indirectly happened by using our product or publication information. It is user´s obligation to determine whether product is suitable for its particular use and the specific method of application.